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Avoid Stamp Duty Hike By Flipping Off-Plan

With the 3% stamp duty surcharge now in effect and the reduction to mortgage interest relief set to be phased in from next April, many property investors have been rethinking their strategies for the future. When George Osborne first announced that mortgage interest relief would be restricted to the basic rate of income tax (20%) […]

Holiday Lets

Are Holiday Lets The Next Big Thing?

Are you fed up with being targeted by HMRC for being a residential property investor? In his budget last week George Osborne made it clear he won’t be backing down on his war against buy-to-let investors, announcing that the 3% stamp duty surcharge will definitely go ahead and that while the capital gains tax (CGT) rate will be […]

Loans Between Limited Companies For Property Investment

By Louise Misiewicz Updated and relevant for 2017/18 tax year Do you have a company for your core business activities? Are you being taxed heavily on the money that you withdraw from the company and invest in property? The problem – tax on money you pull out of a company  The problem I see with […]

Claiming back 100% VAT on your property development

Are you looking to develop new houses from the ground up? Are you looking to convert commercial buildings into residential dwellings? The problem – 20% VAT on property development costs If you’re a property investor/developer then you’ll know that the cost of VAT on labour and materials is often 20%, which we have to add on […]

Using trusts and inheritance tax planning

Posted by Louise Misiewicz on 11th September 2013 Are you looking to sell properties in the future? Are you thinking about passing your property onto a loved one? Here are the 5 keys to Asset planning Selling Properties As A One Off & Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Selling properties as a trade (Income tax V Corporation […]

Tax Reliefs Demystified

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th June 2013 Would you like to know how to mitigate your tax now and in the future? Is today the day that you pause and identify the activities to save your future from tax? Tax is complex. Tax is difficult. We do not have enough time in the day […]

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