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Changes to Capital Allowances

Are you buying a property that you can claim capital allowances for? Have you sold a property that you have claimed capital allowances for? What are capital allowances? Capital allowances are allowances for plant and machinery in a building. The building normally constitutes items such as: equipment machinery business vehicles, eg cars, vans or lorries […]

What You Should Know Before Buying A HMO

Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) have become increasingly popular with property investors in recent years and as property owners look for ways to increase their yield to counteract the introduction of mortgage interest relief restrictions, their popularity is likely to increase even further. The HMO market is thriving In March Shawbrook Bank predicted HMOs would […]

Capital Gains Tax For Non-Residents: UK Residential Property

8th August 2015 – Simon Misiewicz Are you a property investor that does not live in the UK? Are you working with other investors that does not live in the UK? For many years it was assumed that foreign investors that sold properties in the UK would not have to pay Capital Gain Tax (CGT). […]

Top 8 Tax Allowable Property Running Costs You Need To Know

Are you fed up of paying too much tax? Are you worried about getting it wrong with HMRC? The Diagnosis The problem we all face is knowing what costs can be offset against your property profits. The less profits you have, the less tax you pay. It is that simple. As such there may be […]

Safe Guard Your Property Assets And Pay No Tax – Gift Allowances

Posted by Louise Misiewicz Do your parents have assets? Do you have an elderly parent that may need to pay for their care? This article has been written because of my own circumstances and the fact that my wife had to sell her parent’s hard earned assets to pay for their care. This is despite […]

Selling, transferring properties and Tax Planning – Part 2 of 5

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 19th August 2013 The 5 keys to Asset planning Selling properties as a one off & Capital Gains Tax Selling properties as a trade (Income tax  v Corporation tax) Using trusts and inheritance tax planning Transferring assets between spouses Residency / Domicile – UK & international tax So without delay […]

HMRC 2013 Changes to Capital Allowances

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 8th July 2013 Do you buy properties that need refurbishment works? Would you like to use the latest know how to reduce your tax bill through capital allowances? There are many people that are buying properties as an investment. There are many landlords and property investors that have accountants. The […]

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