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What Brexit Means For Property Investors

In the lead-up to the UK referendum on EU membership there was much speculation about the impact Brexit would have on property prices, with dire warnings sounded across the board. In the wake of the surprise Leave vote, there were countless news articles about collapsing property sales and even more drastic warnings about the future […]

Residential Property Investment For Higher Rate Taxpayers

By Simon Misiewicz Are you a higher rate taxpayer? Do you think about the fact that you have paid employment tax when you invest in residential properties? The practicalities of property investments and tax When I was a senior manager, and later when I moved into the world of consultancy, I regularly worked 60+ hours per […]

Top 8 Tax Allowable Property Running Costs You Need To Know

Are you fed up of paying too much tax? Are you worried about getting it wrong with HMRC? The Diagnosis The problem we all face is knowing what costs can be offset against your property profits. The less profits you have, the less tax you pay. It is that simple. As such there may be […]

Using LNPG To Reduce Refurb Costs

Posted by Jake Leversuch on 14th May 2015 Are you paying too much money for the refurbishments on your properties? Is this damaging your return on investment for your property portfolio? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider becoming a member of the Landlords National Property Group (LNPG). LNPG offer guaranteed savings […]

Stamp Duty And How To Stamp It Out

By Louise Misiewicz Does stamp duty hurt your wallet? Would you like a remedy to soothe away the SDLT pains? The Diagnosis Tax issues need to be diagnosed in order to be understood for a remedy to be implemented. Stamp Duty Land Tax or SDLT, broadly speaking is charged as a percentage of the amount […]

The Importance Of Book Keeping & Keeping Accounts To Maximise ROI

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 13th May 2014 Do you have your fingers on your financial pulse? Can you diagnose your ROI problems? The Diagnosis Property investors like you and me are very good at reviewing the financials of our property investments through our due diligence process. We take our time to ensure that the […]

Conflict of getting a mortgage and paying no tax

28th December by Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to pay as little tax as possible? Are you looking to get a mortgage in the future? I know that there is a desire to pay very little money over to HMRC. Indeed why pay more tax than you should? One of my jobs is to ensure […]

Safe guard your ROI when refurbishing a property

Are you looking to maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) on your property investments? Is the cost of refurbishment an important factor when calculating your ROI? Have you have answered yes? Then this article is for you. Many of my clients (and indeed myself) in the past have spent more money on refurbishing a property […]

Selling, transferring properties and Tax Planning – Part 5 of 5

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 19th September 2013 Are you looking to sell properties in the future? Are you thinking about passing your property onto a loved one? Here are the 5 keys to Asset planning Selling Properties As A One Off & Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Selling properties as a trade (Income tax V […]

Selling & Buying properties – Delayed Completion – Tax Planning Strategy

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 23rd August 2013 Are you looking to buy properties but wish to delay tax for the seller? Are you looking to sell properties but wish to delay CGT? Delayed completions There may be times when people agree to sell a property sometime in the future. From the perspective of HMRC […]

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