Businesses Are Not Planning Ahead – Are You?


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

5th June 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th June 2013

What are your personal and business goals?

Have you planned ahead of how you will achieve them?

According to The Growth Accelerator (1), which we are part of suggested that 2/3 of businesses are simply not planning ahead because the owners are too busy.

Just as worrying that most businesses do not even know what their objectives are for the next 12 months (2).

Would you drive your car without knowing where you are going in life?

Other findings include:

  • only 16% of business leaders spend the majority of their time planning for growth;
  • nearly half (47%) of business leaders are not working regularly, or at all, on their business strategy;
  • 36% only revisit their business plans occasionally;
  • 3% don’t even have a business plan (2)

There is a great saying.

Fail to plan and you will plan to fail.

It is a shame that most business owners and property investors are not planning ahead.  They are working busily earning the money to get through.

Is that enough?

When are you going to look ahead, monitor your progress so that you do not have to work but have the choice to work in ten years. I am not talking about retirement here, I am simply talking about making a plan so that in ten years you give yourself the choice to work or to take the day off.

Personally I use Action Coach, someone called Neale Lewis who has helped me to focus on my goals, identify the tasks to achieve those goals and measure my performance.  I do not take failure as a reason to give up if I am unable to achieve one of my milestones.

I use it as feedback to change what I am doing so that I can still achieve my goals. (3)

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