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Felix's Case Study

See how we helped Felix start up his business and grow his portfolio.

Tracy's Case Study

See how we helped Tracy reduce the tax implications on her growing portfolio.

Make more money & pay less tax on your property portfolio

We know people spend more time on their accounts than they do on growing their property portfolio. Thats why we’re here to help.

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Property Investor

Are you a property investor/landlord who wants to make more profit from property?

We have helped property investors/landlords to increase their return on investments (ROI) and still managed to reduce their tax bill through effective tax planning and property investment evaluation reviews.

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How we helped Andy save £15,000 on his refurbishment costs

When we met, Andy was developing a single let property into a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) with refurb costs of £125,000.

He was buying his materials through a Landlord-only national discount service and securing good prices. We worked with Andy and his suppliers to further reduce his costs and removed £15,000 through changing the VAT structure.

Expert knowledge through years of experience in the industry

We are property tax specialists that have been in business since 2003 and property investing since 2006. We pride ourselves on investing hundreds of hours a month researching the latest tax and VAT rules, ensuring our clients build their property portfolios whilst paying the least amount of VAT and tax.

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Reduce your tax and accounting headaches today

We've incorporated the following standards into our service too:

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You can call us day and night and we promise to get you answers within 24 hours.
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We run regular webinars & events to help our clients buy the right property, lower their costs and pay minimum tax.
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We provide our clients with articles & ebooks on how they can make more money from property and pay less tax.

Leave the taxman to us

Nervous of dealing with tax departments? No problem. We are qualified to work as your agent. That means we can have the taxman talk directly to us about any queries or issues they have with your data.

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